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Cigar Bar Denver

Now that public smoking has been banned in Colorado, you may find it hard to locate an excellent, upscale cigar bar. Denver is home to the Mile High Men's Club at 4451 E. Virginia Avenue in Denver, Colorado. You are not going to find a superior smoking club anywhere along the front range.

If it's your first time to visit a strip club, don't fret. Shake off the anxiety and don't sweat the little stuff. If you arm yourself with some good tips, you can skip through the intimidation and have a great time with your friends; just don't let them know it's your first time! The first thing you should know: It's okay to look. In fact, it is expected. Lady dancers don't wear skimpy clothing for nothing in these places and your stares, hoots, and hollers keep them energized and inspired to give it their best shot while dancing. While you can look all you want, don't get carried away as girls in most strip clubs are strictly hands-off, unless you are told otherwise. So if you don't want a one way ticket out the doors via the burly bouncer, keep your hands to yourself and just enjoy the show. The Mile High Men's Club is the best cigar bar Denver. In fact, we are one of the few indoor cigar bars you can find in town, offering you more than just good night entertainment!

Tipping is what strip clubs are all about. So bring lots of dollars. It will be considered an insult to the girls and entertainers if you don't tip, so give them credit for their work and be generous when tipping. The same goes for waitresses and bartenders. If you are looking for a good cigar bar Denver, try the new Mile High Men's Club, an exclusive strip club offering you the royal treatment you deserve.

Cigar Bar Denver
Mile High Men's Club
4451 E Virginia Ave‎ Denver, CO 80246

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Cigar Bar Denver