Beautiful Woman Smoking a Cigar

Cigar Bar Denver

Two Humidors and In-Club Smoking

Smoking a fine cigar. A dram of fine whisky. We get it-on this fine day, after cutting the grass or a day of meetings, you deserve a smoke and a drink away from the judgmental scowls of non-smokers. Don't be that guy. In a day when smoking is banned almost everywhere, the cigar bar in the Mile High Men's Club stands out, grand-fathered into city code, with two humidors and in-club smoking as an establishment where you can enjoy a fine cigar indoors, as it should be, not shuttled onto a patio somewhere.

Fine Cigar in an Ashtray next to a dram of whiskey

Notable Pairings of Cigar and Whisky

We know something about the subtle differences in flavor and aromas of fine women, whiskey and cigars. The Mile High Men's Club is a place you can purchase a cigar from Arturo Fuente, Padron, Romeo y Julieta and pair it with a cocktail, fine Whiskey or Scotches from our Magnificent 7. While no pairing is off limits, we do have our opinions and we're happy to share them with you.

When paired correctly, a cigar and a whiskey should enhance the flavors of one another.

If you like King Louis or Johnnie Walker Blue, we'll serve you with a smile and you one of our finest selections from the humidor. And sometimes contrasting flavors can complement each other, such as a sweet whiskey with a peppery cigar.

Practicing her Cigar Lounge Etiquette

Cigar Bar Lounge Etiquette

Here's our take on the latest etiquette from the cigar bar lounge. Hold the cigar in your hand however it feels natural and ask our hostess for help in cutting and lighting your stogy. Keep it classy and indulge in intelligent conversation. Take your cell phone calls outside. Don't post pictures on social media. Feel free to develop a camaraderie with others but ask permission to join other groups in case they're having a meeting and use your inside voice when conversing in the lounge.

Don't talk politics or religion.

Mind your ashes and don't stamp out your cigar in the ashtray-just set it down and let it go out on its own. Please don't walk into the humidor with a cigar or beverage because it can taint our stock. Once you light up a cigar, it's a personal experience. Cigar smoking has always been a social indulgence but don't judge others' choice in wine, whiskey, and cigars-we can all agree that taste is subjective. Relax and enjoy yourself and remember that our entertainers are never far away and if invited they may even join you!